About the Company

L. S. Technology, Inc. is an Indiana corporation. The company designs and develops innovative software products and solutions for today's mobile computing needs. Its software products for mobile devices go beyond email and web browser functions, enabling the mobile population to access data and applications wirelessly in real time and in a cost-effective manner. L. S. Technology provides consulting and contract services to develop custom mobile computing applications and solutions. The company markets its products and services to businesses and general  consumers.

L. S. Technology is a privately held corporation based in the Purdue Research Park, West Lafayette, Indiana.  


The Mission of the company is to become a leading software provider for handheld computers and wireless phones, enabling cost-effective data/application access for mobile business workers, professionals and consumers.

Grants & Awards

- Indiana's 21st Century Research & Technology Fund award

- National Science Foundation Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) award.

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